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My Opinion on All Naruto Vs All Dragon ball Z debates

I like Naruto,Dragon ball and many more animes from Toonami era since I was a kid. But this debate shouldn't be even be considered as a debate.

since this Debate is filled with annoying oh even Chiaotzu or Chichi can easily solo Narutoverse,Genjustu hax is overpowered to DBZ characters,insults and many more messes make me ashamed as a fan of anything.

I know Goku can solo Naruto by his god powers,random new ki moves & etc.
My Opinion on All DBZ Vs Naruto Debates
These debates gotten very immature and i would get attacked if saying Kakashi can beat any of fodders from original dragon ball series.
My Opinion on every single Batman vs Spiderman debates.

Spiderman eats people like the Batman and his rogues for breakfast. Almost everyone of his rogues has a degree of super strength,speed,variety of skills or different powers and durability.

while most of Batman's Rogues are just insane people with weapons,lower tier metahumans and others isn't come close to most of Spiderman villains like Carnage a living slaughter machine on cities,Electro a living electric being who shocked high volts and Green Goblin is basically mix of both Batman & Joker with superhuman stats and lot of dangerous gadgets.

Clayface,Higher version of Solomon Grundy and Poison ivy with the green is only one who could win in a fight against anyone from Spiderman.

Let face it Batman should just fight someone like Shang Chi,Black Widow,Moon Knight and other human at peak fighters instead of trying to fight anyone like Ironman and Spiderman.
My Opinion on Every Debate of Spiderman vs Batman
Sorry bats but the Spiders from marvel are too much in general.
If Batman was Bloodlust against Joker.

Batman could just unleash all that pent up anger he's developed over the years and bat-smash Joker into nonexistence pile of clown mess.

while Harley quinn won't care for current timeline of her has move on from crazed love,rest of bat family be shocked expect for jason todd & damian wayne and many more events.
If Batman was Bloodlust against Joker
Bloodlust Batman is a scary idea for gotham 
If Goku was Bloodlust and turned ssj3 against Majin Vegeta.

blasted Buu's egg,Dabura & other fodder to into pile of mess. Majin Vegeta would have shitted his pants afterward and passed out on ground with blood by sheer power of SSJ3 in one punch or something.

Go teach goten and kid trunks how to fusion dance.

the End
If Goku was Bloodlust against Vegeta in Buu saga
Yeah it will be a scary event for vegeta to deal with bloodlust goku.
The Difference of Naruto and Goku as a Character.

Goku. He is a immature alien have heart of gold,who can make lot of questionable choices like letting villains at their full power for his love of fighting,can be nice at times for anyone and seem to cared for training,eating & whatever in general.

Naruto. He is a kind hearted, clumsy, insecure, and courageous Ninja who been though crap in life but kept on trying to respected his friends,family and wife like hinata even as a hokage who is a important leader for any villages in any type of events.

Let's face it if Naruto have all powers,saiyan dna & etc like Goku does he will just killed off Frieza,Cell and others way more quickly without wasting time for some reason.

while Goku would struggled more times if just have chakra powers,as a earthling and kyuubi mode by his love of fighting would cost some major bad events.
The Difference of Naruto and Goku as a Character
Goku is godly strong but has a mind of child compare to Naruto as a adult who is very mature yet happy.

Where is Dr doom when you really need him.


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It seem very awesome 
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It's pretty much is. And very underrated too as well. Believe me, a ton of people that I met overlooked it for just being an another plain dumb action anime filled robots. What they didn't look at, is the characters, the story, the soundtrack, pretty much everything else it has to offer. It just really pains me to see this.
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Well i remember seeing it from being curious about gundam by all random parodies of it in youtube.
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